What is FIPS (short version)

Doing FIPS responsibly since 2014!

FIPS is a set of standards, detailed in Special Publications, that need to be met in order to be awarded a FIPS validation/certification published on the NIST website.

A FIPS certificate, with the product listed in the certificate, is required to sell product(s) to medical, federal or military agencies and often required by some private sector entities as well.

The typical FIPS certification process is as follows:

  1. You send us your hardware and toolchain
  2. We run the initial tests which ensure the cryptography module behaves according to specification given your specific hardware and OS
  3. The CMVP certified lab runs and verifies the tests and their documentation
  4. The test results are submitted to NIST for review
  5. Your specific operating environment is added to our certificate
  6. You are FIPS 140 compliant in 60-90 days 

For more info please see the long version of this post here: <https://www.wolfssl.com/fips-long-version/>

If you have any questions about FIPS or the process of being awarded a FIPS validation/certifcation please contact either fips@wolfssl.com or support@wolfssl.com anytime. We offer free pre-sales customer support, we have FIPS evaluation options and our staff are knowledgeable and eager to help!