Good article on potential SHA-3 (aka Keccak) use in embedded systems

Here`s a good article if you`re wondering how SHA-3 will be used:

From the article:

“What then will SHA-3 be good for? While Polk says it may take years to identify all the possibilities for Keccak, it immediately provides an essential insurance policy in case SHA-2 is ever broken. He also speculates that the relatively compact nature of Keccak may make it useful for so-called “embedded” or smart devices that connect to electronic networks but are not themselves full-fledged computers. Examples include sensors in a building-wide security system and home appliances that can be controlled remotely.
‘The Internet as we know it is expanding to link devices that many people do not ordinarily think of as being part of a network,’ Polk says. ‘SHA-3 provides a new security tool for system and protocol designers, and that may create opportunities for security in networks that did not exist before.’”

yaSSL is considering implementing a beta of SHA-3 in our wolfSSL embedded SSL product.  Our current timeline will have code available sometime around Christmas this year.  If you`re interested in taking a look at our implementation, then email us at