How do I manage the build configuration of wolfSSL?

The MOST common support issue we see is a mis-configuration between APP and Library. If you compile the wolfSSL library independant of your application using you MUST include the same configure options in the application as were used in the library.

If building with “./configure” the build system will generate the file <wolf-root>/wolfssl/options.h with all the settings needed for your application. Simply add the lines:

#include <wolfssl/options.h>
#include <wolfssl/wolfcrypt/settings.h>
#include <wolfssl/ssl.h>
/* other wolf headers below */

If building the wolfSSL sources directly the options.h will not contain any generated configuration. In that case our recommended option is to define the preprocessor macro “WOLFSSL_USER_SETTINGS” in your project and create your own “user_settings.h” file. Make sure the file is somewhere in your include path. You can use the same include pattern above, but exclude the options.h.

Here are some example “user_settings.h” you can use for reference:

  • Windows: /IDE/WIN/user_settings.h
  • GCC ARM: /IDE/GCC-ARM/Header/user_settings.h
  • Xcode: /IDE/XCODE/user_settings.h

More information on managing the build configuration of wolfSSL can be found in Chapter 2 of the wolfSSL User Manual. For other questions that may not have been answered by this post, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or contact us.