How Much Battery Power Does TLS Use?

Power consumption on IoT devices can be a big concern. Especially when adding in the latest security and using DTLS 1.3 / TLS 1.3 connections to secure communication. Here at wolfSSL we minimize power consumption and work with EEMBC to measure how much power wolfSSL is consuming when adding security to battery powered designs. Benchmarks of wolfSSL power consumption on an STM32L476G device are available here ( These benchmarks prove that wolfSSL is the perfect security solution for Ultra Low-Power WiFI designs.

ULP WiFI is a great solution for battery connected devices, but cryptography and TLS can be computationally expensive, so we’ve optimized wolfSSL to minimize energy usage. What we have found is that using wolfSSL’s SP (Single Precision) math with assembly speed ups is superior and has a positive impact on both performance and power consumption. More recently, we are exploring additional energy saving optimizations for the Talaria Two ULP and NXP i.MX ULP WiFi parts.  

wolfSSL also supports TLS over BLE for maximum security on sensitive designs. Here is an example of using wolfSSL with Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) ( In the example directory there is a TLS 1.3 over Bluetooth example too! (

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