Implementation and Performance of AES-NI in wolfSSL Lightweight SSL

Do you have a processor and compiler which support Intel’s AES-NI? If so, you can take advantage of the increase in performance provided by AES-NI in CyaSSL and wolfCrypt.

wolfSSL has worked with Intel to publish a white paper describing how Intel’s AES-NI can be used with the CyaSSL embedded SSL library. This paper provides a brief overview of the Intel AES-NI instructions and demonstrates the performance gains realized when Intel AES-NI is used in place of a more traditional software-only based AES implementation. The CyaSSL embedded SSL library is used as a test bed in the white paper to perform the comparison as it can be built with either traditional software-based AES or hardware-based AES-NI support at compile time. As a secondary goal to demonstrating Intel AES-NI performance, this paper explains how to determine if a pre-built SSL library (static or shared) offers built-in support for the Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions.

The white paper can be downloaded directly from the wolfSSL website at the following location. If you have any questions about using CyaSSL on Intel hardware, please contact us at

CyaSSL AES-NI White Paper: wolfSSL White Papers (