Intel’s Extended Instructions Accelerate AES performance on AMD Processors

Now compatible with AMD processors, enabling the intelasm option for wolfSSL will utilize expanded capabilities of your processor that can dramatically enhance performance. The instruction sets leveraged when the configure option is enabled include AVX1, AVX2, BMI2, RDRAND, RDSEED, AESNI, and ADX. These were first introduced into Intel processors and AMD processors have started adopting them in recent years. When enabled, wolfSSL will check the processor and take advantage of the instruction sets your processor supports.The test machine used for the benchmarks has an AMD processor that supports all of the above-listed technologies that the Intel ASM instructions take advantage of. On the system that we tested, we found performance increases as large as 5,800% when the software enhancements are used.

To use the Intel ASM instructions on your build, use –enable-intelasm when you run configure.


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