Join us at Fosdem 2023

In a matter of days, hundreds of Open Source developers will gather in Brussels, Belgium for FOSDEM 2023. FOSDEM is a two day event organized by volunteers to promote the widespread use of Open Source software, and is considered by many to be the best open source conference in Europe [1].

wolfSSL will be attending FOSDEM this year, will have a stand in the “H” building, and will  have information about several of wolfSSL’s open source projects including the wolfSSL lightweight SSL/TLS library, wolfCrypt cryptography engine, wolfBoot Secure Boot, and cURL. We’ll have done a lot of exciting work these past few years that we would love to talk about. cURL founder and maintainer Daniel Stenberg as well as members of the wolfSSL team will be on hand to answer developers’ questions first hand. 

If you or your team is considering integrating wolfSSL or cURL with a project you can take a look at our stand schedule and talk to us. Please stop by to talk to these top experts in their field. 

Daniel Stenberg will be available to talk all things cURL. Ask Daniel about cURL security, new protocol support, Post Quantum cURL, Tiny cURL.

Daniele Lacmera, wolfSSL Senior Engineer, is on hand to talk about Secure Bootloaders, Post Quantum ciphers, and everything wolfSSL.  Ask Daniele about his newest book!

February 4th          February 5th

Hours Engineer Hours Engineer
9:00 Daniele 9:00 Daniel S
9:30 Daniele 9:30 Daniel S
10:00 Daniele 10:00 Daniel S
10:30 Daniele 10:30 Daniel S
11:00 Daniele 11:00 Daniel S
11:30 Daniele 11:30 Daniel S
12:00 Daniele 12:00 Daniel S
12:30 Daniele 12:30 Daniel S
13:00 Daniele 13:00 Daniel S
13:30 Daniele 13:30 Daniele
14:00 Daniele 14:00 Daniele
14:30 Daniel S 14:30 Daniele
15:00 Daniel S 15:00 Daniele
15:30 Daniel S 15:30 Daniele
16:00 Daniel S 16:00 Daniele
16:30 Daniel S 16:30 Daniele
17:00 Daniel S 17:00 Daniele
17:30 Daniel S 17:30 Daniele
18:00 Daniel S
18:30 Daniel S
19:00 Daniel S

You can also set up a time to sit down and talk at FOSDEM, let us know at and we can pencil you into our schedule while in Brussels. We enjoy working with Open Source projects, and offer them free support from our technical staff when working with wolfSSL or cURL.