Did You Know We Have a Command-line Utility?

In case you didn’t know, wolfSSL has a portable command line utility. You can download wolfCLU on Github today for use with the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library! wolfCLU (Command Line Utility) is backed by the best-tested crypto using wolfCrypt and it can make use of FIPS builds with wolfSSL!

wolfCLU currently has the following features:
– Support for ED25519 sign and verify
– Autoconf for portability
– Encrypt a file and store it locally on your computer
– Decrypt that file after it has been encrypted, or send it via email to your friend, if he/she knows the password and algorithm used for encryption, they can then decrypt it on their computer
– Hash a single file (IE a zip archive) for verification
– Benchmark the currently configured Algorithms
– X509 parsing and print out

Download wolfCLU: https://github.com/wolfssl/wolfclu
Love it? Star us on GitHub! Contact facts@wolfssl.com with any questions or for help getting started with wolfCLU.