Looking for Post-Quantum Features

2023 has just begun and a new year means new features for wolfSSL products. We want to hear from you.  What kind of post-quantum features are you looking for?  Here are some products we are thinking of updating:

  • wolfSSL: hybrid authentication schemes.
  • wolfSSL: support for post-quantum algorithms on more embedded platforms.
  • wolfSSL: stateful-hash based signature schemes.
  • wolfSSH: x25519 with Kyber hybrid key exchange.
  • wolfCLU: support for generation of PKI certificate chains with post-quantum algorithms.
  • wolfMQTT: support for more post-quantum algorithms.
  • wolfBoot: post-quantum authentication of firmware images.
  • wolfJNI: enable post-quantum TLS 1.3 from Java.

Is there something we are missing? Let us know what kind of post-quantum features you are interested in even if they are not in this list by reaching out to your local business director or sending us an email at facts@wolfssl.com.