Meet the Team: Moisés Guimarães

Moises is a talented security specialist that lives in Brazil, the land where soccer runs rampant and the Amazon River … well also runs rampant. While talking over the phone with Moises I learned some about his hobbies, interest in computer security, contact with wolfSSL, and personality.

To start, some of Moises hobbies include: card games, modern board games, running, roller blading, orienteering (race for finding checkpoints given a map and compass) and programming. From talking with him I discovered that Moises is really good at orienteering and was in fact a champion in one of the events held.

Growing up in Brazil, Moises`s parents wanted him to be a doctor and go into the medical field but he liked math more than biology which led him to study more about computer security. One of the events leading up to Moises career with computers was while in high school he used to make macros for an on-line RPG game that he played. This was something that he enjoyed doing in his spare time and was an example of the early stages of his programming hobby.

While in college Moises worked as an intern at Phoebus Tecnologia on SSL connections for POS (point of sale) devices. At the job there was a choice between using OpenSSL and CyaSSL for security on the SSL connection but OpenSSL, because of its size was not good for the POS device, so he choose CyaSSL and had his first encounter with the wolfSSL company. During this internship with Phoebus Tecnologia, Moises caught the attention of wolfSSL by contributing to the CyaSSL project with a static library that is now called the fastmath option. After working with Phoebus Tecnologia for 5 years Moises went on to teach college classes and work at wolfSSL part time.

Things that he enjoys about the company are getting to work with people around the world and having his skills be globally challenged. He also has fond memories of the company because of it being associated with the same time frame as his graduation.

He told me that he has a reserved personality and opens up to friends. Though he may be reserved I could tell that he is not afraid to speak up. It takes guts to use a foreign language for describing yourself to a complete stranger while they are interviewing you.

About the Author:

My name is Jacob, a recent intern with wolfSSL learing about the company. As a senior studying computer science at Montana State University I`m learning more about the nuts and bolts of the field and seeing just how broad of an area the term computer science covers.