Meet the Team: Takashi Kojo

Kojo lives in Japan while working with wolfSSL and first heard of the company through a friend he was talking with at a conference. An example of some of the things that Kojo does when working is, integrating projects with IDE`s and working on their platform support. Along with these things he also does some sales/marketing and technical support.

His interest in computers started before they became mainstream, before it was common to hear the word microcomputers or personal computer. At that time he worked a lot with the physical components of what make up a computer, soldering on transistors and flip-flops. Like many computer hobbyist during that time frame he had the dream of owning a personal computer. It wasn`t long though before personal computers became more feasible and technology caught up with his dream. At that point he added i8080 microchips to the list of components he`d soldered with.

Outside of working with physical components Kojo`s software engineering career started with telecom systems where he was a tech team manger working on real-time systems. During his time there he worked on developing real time operating systems (RTOS) and added skills in embedded systems, networks, and Unix/Linux applications to his skills in C/C++ programming. Being with a large company, he has worked both here in the USA and in Japan at one point or another in his career, and currently works from Japan.

As far as food tastes go Kojo enjoys spicy food. This is most apparent in his enjoyment of wasabi when eating sushi. Some other types of spicy food that he would consider enjoyable are Indian and Thai curry which I can attest to being very spicy!
When not working with computers Kojo enjoys playing some piano. Some of the songs he enjoys playing are classical tunes such as Bach and Chopin.

About the Author:

My name is Jacob, a recent intern with wolfSSL learing about the company. As a senior studying computer science at Montana State University I`m learning more about the nuts and bolts of the field and seeing just how broad of an area the term computer science covers.