Memory Optimized Curve25519 and Ed25519

If working on a memory constrained device we now have memory optimized Ed25519 and Curve25519 options. This can be enabled with using the configure setting “./configure –enable-ed25519=small –enable-curve25519=small –enable-sha512”.

The new feature allows for a trade off in memory usage versus speed. All of the operations in the memory optimized build, except for SHA-512, use types that are equal to or less than 32 bits in size. On a Raspberry Pi the size of Ed25519 and Curve25519 is just under 18k for the memory optimized build versus 83k for the standard. The trade off for less memory does come at a hit to run time but for use cases that don`t generate many keys and have very little memory to work with this is a great option.

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