Microchip PIC32MZ with TLS 1.3

As you may know, wolfSSL includes support for offloading cryptography operations into the PIC32MZ hardware crypto module.  This improves performance of both the cryptography and the SSL/TLS layer running on top of it.

Here is a quick comparison of performance between software cryptography and the hardware-based cryptography offered by the PIC32MZ:

           Software Crypto     Hardware Crypto

AES-CBC    0.26 Mb/s           5.78 Mb/s

AES-CTR    0.69 Mb/s           5.67 Mb/s

3DES       6.19 Mb/s           6.19 Mb/s

MD5        6.22 Mb/s           16.84 Mb/s

SHA-1      3.46 Mb/s           16.65 Mb/s

SHA-256    1.678 Mb/s          15.84 Mb/s

Did you know that wolfSSL also now supports TLS 1.3?  With TLS 1.3, users also have the ability to use this new protocol version for even better performance for TLS connections!

TLS 1.3 includes several improvements over TLS 1.2, including reducing the number of round trips required to perform a full handshake, and repurposing the ticketing system to allow for servers to be stateless.  These changes mean better performance on PIC32-based devices, and lower memory usage on those PIC32 devices acting as a TLS server.

To learn more about using TLS 1.3 in wolfSSL, visit our TLS 1.3 webpage today!