More news on the Mobile Internet Tsunami – Plus thoughts on how the Tsunami drives some less visible markets

This article from Embedded Internet Design gives excellent coverage on the recent and upcoming technologies in the Mobile Internet Tsunami.  We’d like to extrapolate from the article and think about some of the less visible, less glamorous segments of the market that will change dramatically due to the innovation and investment brought about by the Tsunami. 
Here’s our thinking:
1. We agree with the article.  The waves in this Tsunami are just getting bigger and bigger.
2. The visible market driver is consumer adoption.
3. Chips, boards, and systems costs get driven down and horsepower goes up, really fast…of course.  We’re all used to that.
4. The less visible segments of the market get driven along by the investment and innovation in the Tsunami.
5. This means dramatic changes in invisible computing, and of course the security for these invisible devices.
One of the less visible markets we’ve noticed changing fast is sensors in the industrial automation, physical security, and process driven industries.  These users deploy a lot of chips, so they absolutely, positively have to be low cost designs.  That means resource constraints, low memory usage, and tight code. 
In the sensor space, 1.0 designs just did the sensing, collection and storage of data.  2.0 designs added wireless connectivity.  The 3.0 designs we’ve been involved with add security and data transmission straight to the cloud!  Not only do we think that’s cool, we think it is effective and efficient design. 
Us mobile and embedded guys live in exciting times that are changing fast!  Do you have thoughts on how the Tsunami affects the less visible parts of the embedded computing infrastructure?  Let us know what you think at