More on we`re dumping SSL 3.0 support from wolfSSL

We`ve been encouraged by the feedback from the community on dropping SSL 3.0 support from wolfSSL, meaning that people think we should drop it as insecure and eliminate the legacy which goes back to 1996.  Many thanks to Paul Kocher, Phil Karlton, Alan Freier, and the many shoulders they were standing on for designing the SSL 3.0 protocol, but after 17 years, it is time to evolve to a TLS only world.  

Practically speaking, this means that we`ll deprecate SSL 3.0 code from our tree, and only apply critical security fixes.  We will of course support existing customers and open source users that need SSL 3.0 for specific reasons that are private to them.  

It might be fun to think about a name for our Q1 release of wolfSSL without SSL support.  Here`s some ideas:  SSL Minus, SSL Minas Tirith, CaTLS defend Minas Tirith.  It can go on for a while.  See for reference.  Oh, here`s another idea, how about wolfTLS?

Send in your ideas for the new name to