Netflix leverages TLS 1.3 for safer and faster streaming experiences

The Netflix Tech Blog recently shared how Netflix is leveraging TLS 1.3 for faster and more secure connections.  They concluded:

“From the security analysis, we are confident that TLS 1.3 improves communication security over TLS 1.2. From the field test, we are confident that TLS 1.3 provides us a better streaming experience.

At the time of writing this article, the Internet is experiencing higher than usual traffic and congestion. We believe saving even small amounts of data and round trips can be meaningful and even better if it also provides a more secure and efficient streaming experience.

Therefore, we have started deploying TLS 1.3 on newer consumer electronics devices and we are expecting even more devices to be deployed with TLS 1.3 capability in the near future.”

The wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library was one of the first TLS libraries to implement support for TLS 1.3, and we are happy to see successful adoption stories like this!  Contact us at to start using TLS 1.3 in your projects!