New Features in the wolfSSL 4.4.0 Release

wolfSSL Inc is proud to announce the release of wolfSSL v4.4.0, the embedded TLS library for devices, IoT, and the cloud. Included in the release are:

  • Qualcomm Hexagon SDK support. The Hexagon SDK is used for building code to run on DSP processors. Use of the Hexagon toolchain to offload ECC verify operations has been added to wolfSSL. This can free up the main CPU for other operations or lead to future optimizations with HVX on some algorithms that use vector operations. The Makefile for building with the Hexagon toolchain and a README with more information can be found in the directory wolfssl-4.4.0/IDE/HEXAGON.
  • Apache 2.4.39 support. Use wolfSSL with Apache’s mod_ssl. Apache is the most commonly used web server in the world. You can now use wolfSSL as a part of your Apache installation. You can benefit from wolfSSL’s world class support. Ask us for more information.
  • OpenVPN support. Use wolfSSL with OpenVPN. OpenVPN is one of the top VPN products on the market. wolfSSL can secure your connections.
  • Renesas Synergy S7G2 support. Are you prototyping a new embedded application with a Renesas Synergy S7G2 board? wolfCrypt can take advantage of its on-board cryptography hardware. Offload AES, RSA, SHA, and GHASH to the hardware. See our benchmarks page to see the comparison of the software crypto and the hardware acceleration.
  • Curve448, X448, and Ed448 support. We at wolfSSL like to stay on top of progressive ciphers. Curve448 is an efficient to calculate elliptic curve. It offers 224-bits of security and works well with ECDH key agreement.

Contact us at with any questions about using new features available in the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library!