New wolfSSL Documentation Launched

Over the past few months the engineering team at wolfSSL have been working on a new reference documentation system for all of the wolfSSL products. The first fruits of this can be found in the form of the wolfSSL library documentation which is also available in PDF form.

This project had several goals:

  • Update the documentation as much as possible
  • Unify documentation locations and standards
  • Reduce the barrier of entry to getting new edits into the documentation
  • Reduce the barrier of entry to consuming the documentation
  • Create methods of automatically building and deploying the documentation

The documentation source itself is in two parts, the first is the long form documentation pages which were previously shared documents to be edited. These are now Markdown documents in a GitHub repository. The second part is the Doxygen reference you can find in the repository with the code. Our new build system dynamically converts the Doxygen to Markdown, merges it with the long form pages, does some other minor cleanups and manipulations and then generates HTML and PDF outputs.

There are now fully working cross-links in the documentation to learn more about specific options and the formatting has been standardized across the entire documentation.

Over the coming weeks we will be automating the build and deployment of the documentation so it is always up-to-date every day. We will also be releasing documentation using the same system for the full suite of wolfSSL products. We will also be making edits over time to refine and improve the documentation that is there. We welcome any feedback to!

For other questions about the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library, TLS 1.3, or other products, contact us at