Open Quantum Safe and wolfSSL Joint Wireshark Integration

In a recent blog post we showed the details of a quantum-safe connection using wireshark. This post is to announce that now you can also do the exact same thing by following instructions provided by our friends at the Open Quantum Safe group. They have generously hosted a wireshark integration via docker that will display algorithm names using both their naming convention as well as wolfSSL’s.

The default naming convention is OQS’s but if you want to use wolfSSL’s naming convention, simply clone their repo at `` and in the `wireshark/Dockerfile` change the following line:


… to …


… and then follow the rest of the instruction in `wireshark/` and `wireshark/`. We at wolfSSL would like to thank our friends at the OpenQuantumSafe project for their hard work!

For information about wolfSSL and power usage contact