OpenWrt switches wolfSSL to default SSL library

If you pop over to the OpenWrt project site, you’ll stumble upon some excellent news:

“TLS support is now provided by default in OpenWrt images including the trusted CA certificates from Mozilla. It means that wget and opkg now support fetching resources over HTTPS out-of-the-box. The opkg download server is accessed through HTTPS by default. OpenWrt switched from mbed TLS to wolfSSL as the default SSL library, mbed TLS and OpenSSL are still available and can be installed manually.”

This means OpenWrt users can easily benefit from everything keeping wolfSSL ahead of the pack, including our early adoption of TLS 1.3 for top-tier security, uncompromised performance benchmarks, and certifications such as FIPS 140-2 and 3. Learn more about wolfSSL’s advantages over OpenSSL and write to us (facts at to tell us about your OpenWrt projects with wolfSSL!

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Find the OpenWrt announcement here.