PKCS Standards Blog Post Series

PKCS is a set of “Public Key Cryptography Standards” which were devised and published by RSA Security, Inc. beginning in the 1990s. The PKCS standards encapsulate everything from the RSA algorithm to password-based encryption to standards for certificate requests and cryptographic tokens. Because many of these standards are directly related to SSL/TLS and the wolfSSL embedded SSL library, we will be posting a series of blog posts on these widely-used standards over the next several weeks.

The PKCS Standards include:

PKCS#1 = RSA Cryptography Standard
PKCS#3 = Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement Standard
PKCS#5 = Password-based Encryption Standard
PKCS#6 = Extended-Certificate Syntax Standard
PKCS#7 = Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard
PKCS#8 = Private-Key Information Syntax Standard
PKCS#9 = Selected Attribute Types
PKCS#10 = Certificate Request Standard
PKCS#11 = Cryptographic Token Interface
PKCS#12 = Personal Information Exchange Syntax Standard
PKCS#13 = Elliptic Curve Cryptography Standard
PKCS#14 = Pseudo-random Number Generation
PKCS#15 = Cryptographic Token Information Format Standard

Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about the PKCS standards and how they relate to the wolfSSL embedded SSL library.