Post Quantum cURL

Recently, a lot of post-quantum activity has been happening here at WolfSSL.

First, we’ve simplified and unified our naming conventions for the variants of the post-quantum algorithms. We now refer to each variant by the algorithm submitter’s claimed NIST level. For example, what used to be referred to as  LIGHTSABER is now known as SABER_LEVEL1 in our command-line applications and APIs.

We are now working towards making cURL resistant to  “harvest now; decrypt later” attacks from a future quantum-enabled adversary.  This protection is important if you value confidentiality over the long term.  Do you know how long your data need to stay confidential?

This effort involves enabling the the use of the new post-quantum groups for TLS 1.3 in cURL when built with wolfSSL.  For more details, please have a look at the following pull request:  Once the GitHub pull request is merged, it will go into the next release of cURL.

For more information contact us at!