Post-Quantum SSH v2.0 with wolfSSH

For a while now, wolfSSL has supported post-quantum algorithms in the TLS 1.3 protocol. Now, we also support it in the SSH v2.0 protocol as well!

Our wolfSSH library has long had support for SSH v2.0 both as a client and server.  Recently, we integrated the SABER NIST Level 1 KEM into wolfSSH allowing you to start experimenting with a post-quantum algorithm with wolfSSH. For instruction on how to try it out on Linux, please see the Post-Quantum section of wolfSSH’s file which can be found at . This is done via an integration with the OpenQuantumSafe project’s liboqs.

Want other post-quantum algorithms? Want other security levels? Want to us hybridize with other algorithms? Then please get in contact with your local wolfSSL business director or reach out to