When – and how – to prepare for post-quantum cryptography

McKinsey and Company have release the following report “When – and how – to prepare for post-quantum cryptography” https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/mckinsey-digital/our-insights/when-and-how-to-prepare-for-post-quantum-cryptography

In it they outline some options regarding how you can handle the coming migration to post-quantum cryptography. Here is a brief summary of their options our response:

Option 1: Adopt post-quantum cryptography solutions today

While adopting one of these solutions might seem to be the best path for any company that needs to act today, there are trade-offs and drawbacks to consider…

The wolfSSL library already has post-quantum algorithms integrated. Let us help you understand these new trade-offs. Don’t worry, speed and performance won’t be a major factor. Please see our benchmarks: https://www.wolfssl.com/docs/benchmarks/

Option 2: Retrofit systems with post-quantum cryptography solutions later

Finally, organizations should begin building long-term relationships with relevant suppliers, regulators, and peers within and outside of their industries as soon as possible. These relationships will be critical for staying up to date on emerging standards and solutions for PQC. … collectively developing solutions, for example, could cost less than if an organization devised solutions on its own.

The wolfSSL Team has a long and stable history of providing quality open-source software for security protocols and we are here to stay. We are here to help you find the right solution that will help you comply with industry standards and interoperate with your peers.

Option 3: Focus only on enhancing traditional encryption protocols

Decision makers should also begin planning for future updates to long-lasting systems by, for instance, evaluating the modularity of their technological architecture.

The wolfSSL Team also provides various consulting services. We can help you update to the latest standards while becoming more flexible and agile to prepare for the coming post-quantum migration.

Please reach out to your regional business director or e-mail us at facts@wolfssl.com .