Remote Execution via wolfSSH

wolfSSL provides many different embedded, lightweight, and portable products. One of which is the wolfSSH lightweight embedded SSH Library, based on the SSHv2 protocol. wolfSSH comes with support for a long list of platforms, multiple hashing functions, SCP, SFTP, and more.

Additionally, wolfSSH provides support for remote execution, one of the core features of an SSH library or SSH clients/servers. Remote execution is exactly what its name implies, the execution of commands on a device which is typically remote and may not be physically accessible from another device. wolfSSH remote execution allows the user to execute commands, update devices, and also allows the user to pipe input/output from the remote device to the client. Remote execution can be used to trigger a single action on a device, or can be used to trigger several actions. This speed up development processes on embedded devices, and can also eliminate the need for physical access in some cases.

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