Renesas RX Alpha Project uITRON and TINET Demo Projects

Are you curious about wolfSSL support for the uITRON RTOS?  We recently added SSL/TLS server/client example projects running on top of uITRON and TINET (their network layer API). This API is incompatible with BSD,  so this is also a good demo how wolfSSL can fit into a non-BSD API easily.

These demo projects are currently in the wolfSSL master branch on GitHub, and will roll into the next stable release of wolfSSL!

You can download the demo today by cloning an up to date wolfSSL package from our repository:

The demo files are located under “IDE/Renesas/cs+/Projects/t4_demo”. This demo is assumed to be built with AlphaProject board with Renesas RX family MPU and its default firmware or driver. It includes TINET TCP/IP compatible Renesas firmware, T4Tiny. For information on building the project, refer to the README located in the demo directory.

Renesas RX family:

If you are interested in using the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library on this platform, contact us at for help getting up and running! wolfSSL also supports TLS 1.3, FIPS 140-2, and integration into many different hardware cryptography implementations!

Additionally, the picture below displays the AlphaProject board with the Renesas RX family MPU itself: