Reproducible Builds for Confident Testing and Release Engineering

wolfSSL release 4.7 includes --enable-reproducible-build, a new configuration option that suppresses the binary jitter (timestamps and other non-functional metadata) that is otherwise common in various build processes. With --enable-reproducible-build, test and release engineers can carefully align build environments, then generate bitwise-identical binary packages with identical hashes. Using --enable-reproducible-build, FOSS binary distributors can publish their build environment attributes and parameters, then third parties can verify binary distributions by replicating the build process and comparing hashes. Similar processes can be used internal to an organization to confirm the integrity of build environments and source archives.

For questions or help getting started using wolfSSL in your project, contact us at!  wolfSSL supports TLS 1.3, FIPS 140-2/140-3, DO-178C, and more!