Scaling with SSL

Why is wolfSSL a great solution when you have millions of connections per server?  Memory consumption per connection can be as low as 3k, varying with the size of input and output buffers. This brings wolfSSL’s runtime memory consumption to 3-36kB depending on buffer size. Input and output buffers are created on demand when smaller than MAX_RECORD_SZ unless the user turns on STATIC_CHUNKS_ONLY.  

In contrast,  OpenSSL typically consumes 50-140k per connection.  wolfSSL emphasizes small size, speed, and low memory use.  These attributes make wolfSSL ideal for scaling on a huge magnitude.   Other libraries often run into problems when trying to scale to hundreds of thousands of connections for applications like load balancing or cloud services.  We have users doing just that.  

Want to hear about how wolfSSL is being scaled in the cloud?  Contact us and we`ll share some of the use cases currently in production.