Seeking Collaborators for Secure Firmware Update System

One of the upcoming projects on our list is a Secure Firmware Update System. As we have stated before, we believe that digitally signing the firmware that is loaded onto your devices is a very high priority. Digitally signing your firmware updates offers several benefits, including:

– Protecting against updates from unauthorized parties
– Enabling a secure method for allowing third parties to load files to your device
– Ensuring against malicious files finding their way onto your device

For a more detailed explanation of our thoughts surrounding this Secure Firmware Update System as well as a general outline of how setting up code and file signing on an embedded device works, please see our previous blog post.

We would like this system to be as robust and useful as possible to our community and customers. As such, we are seeking collaborators on this project who would be willing to give their feedback and help make this the best product it can be. If you are interested in collaborating with us on our Secure Firmware Update System, please email us at