Showing the new yaSSL Embedded Web Server at ESC Boston

The yaSSL team will be in Boston at the Embedded Systems Computing show.  We’ll be talking primarily about four topics:
The new yaSSL Embedded Web Server
A tiny embedded web server designed with security in mind.  It is highly portable and available on a wide range of platforms.  It is perfect for resource constrained environments.
The wolfSSL Embedded SSL Library
A small embedded SSL implementation that supports the latest standards up to TLS 1.2 and DTLS.  Runs on almost all embedded environments.
The new wolfSSL Java provider for Android
A version of wolfSSL for the Android platform.  This new port was originally written for our existing customers and users who need cross platform capabilities. 
Also, come by our booth if you’d like to talk with us about the process of bringing a C library over to Android.  We pioneered this process and have the arrows in our backs to prove it.  We can offer some advice on what to look out for and have a white paper on the topic.
Solutions to today’s common device security problems!
Military:  Secure communications to/from your drone, UAV, etc.
Networked device firmware updates:  Talk to us about our recipes for building secure firmware update systems. 
DRM:  Securing digital media with wolfSSL streaming media security functionality as the foundation stone.
We look forward to seeing you there!