Sniffer Improvements for Cryptographic Offloading and Concurrent Stream Processing

The sniffer support for processing multiple streams concurrently using our asynchronous version of the library. Support has been added for offloading to Intel QuickAssist or Cavium Nitrox V type hardware. Additionally we support offloading to worker threads. This allows a large increase in sniffer throughput for handling the asymmetric operations.

Our sniffer tool is built into wolfSSL and allows decryption of TLS traffic where the static RSA/ECC key is know or the ephemeral key used on one side is known. We support TLS v1.2 and TLS v1.3. The sniffer tool can process pcap files previously recorded or live.

We also support using a Key Manager for protected generation and storage of ephemeral keys with TLS v1.3. This is based on the ETSI TS 103 523-3 Middlebox Security Protocol; Part 3: Enterprise Transport Security. If interested see our full library and demo here:

For questions about using the sniffer with TLS please email