SSL Termination and SSL Inspection with wolfSSL SNI

If you`re working with SSL Termination and/or SSL Inspection we have good news for you! wolfSSL now has a new feature in its Server Name Indication API:


This function is capable of retrieving the server name of a given type indicated by the client from the raw bytes of a ClientHello message. This way, it is possible to save both time and resources in order to get the information needed to make a decision, whether that be which path the connection should take or if it should be inspected.

The SNI extension can be enabled with either:

./configure –enable-sni


./configure –enable-tlsx

Remember that the second option will enable all TLS extensions implemented in wolfSSL.  If you`re planning on using more than one extension and still care for a smaller build, you should enable the extensions one by one.

If you have any questions about using SNI with TLS please let us know at