Embedded SSH client with TPM protected keys

We are adding hardware security to wolfSSH to meet the rising security requirements for connected systems.

Thanks to the widely available Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and our portable wolfTPM library, wolfSSH can have the user’s private SSH key stored and used directly from a hardware security module. This way the private key material is never exposed in raw form and the system has physical tamper-proof protection of its important secrets.

wolfSSH is a portable SSH v2.0 client and server. It also supports the SCP and SFTP protocols. This makes wolfSSH a preferred choice for embedded systems and applications. 

wolfTPM is a portable TPM 2.0 library, designed for baremetal and embedded systems. wolfTPM has its own TPM Interface Layer (TIS) developed in accordance with the Trusted Computing Group Group (TCG). This allows wolfTPM to operate in every operating environment, because it does not require a TPM driver.

For information on our wolfSSH capabilities see https://www.wolfssl.com/products/wolfssh/.

Do you want to use SSH with hardware protected keys? Please email us at facts@wolfssl.com