Top 5 TLS 1.3 Advantages with wolfSSL

We’re excited that wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library now includes support for TLS 1.3 and think that there are many advantages to using TLS 1.3 in applications, projects and devices.  Here are the top 5 advantages to using TLS 1.3 with wolfSSL:

  1. More secure than older TLS protocol versions by eliminating risky crypto
  2. Reduces latency through fewer roundtrips in the TLS handshake
  3. The server can be stateless when resuming a session
  4. We are the first and only commercial license supplier of TLS 1.3 library for embedded devices today
  5. We are the only company to support its own TLS 1.3 stack

If you would like to talk in more detail about using TLS 1.3, contact us at!