Updated wolfSSL Porting Guide Available

As a large number of our users port wolfSSL to new platforms and environments, we’ve put some time into updating our wolfSSL Porting Guide and have made it available both online and in PDF version.

The updated guide covers areas in the wolfSSL code which typically need modification when porting wolfSSL to a new environment, including:

2.1  Data Types
2.2  Endianness
2.3  writev
2.4  Input / Output
2.5  Filesystem
2.6  Threading
2.7  Random Seed
2.8  Memory
2.9  Time
2.10  C Standard Library
2.11  Logging
2.12  Public Key Operations
2.13  Atomic Record Layer Processing
2.14  Features

You can find the updated guide here: wolfSSL Porting Guide.

If you have any questions about content in the Porting Guide, or about the wolfSSL lightweight SSL library in general, please reach out to us at facts@wolfssl.com.