User-Generated Performance Advisory for Cortex M – Newlib vs Newlib-Nano

A big thank you to who has shared results for their own project in hopes of further helping fellow users when building on an embedded Cortex M platform.

“I had a working project build with Segger Embedded Studio for a Nordic NRF52840 (64MHz Cortex M). We switched our build tooling to use cmake/ninja along with the newlib-nano libraries packaged with ARM GCC tools. One thing I noticed is that our TLS handshake in our application went from 3 seconds to about 16 seconds.

Using the built in wolf test functions, I was able to track down the issue.

While Segger Embedded Studio uses GCC, they have their own builds of the C standard libraries.The wolfcrypt ECC routines are very sensitive to how the C libraries are built.



I could eventually get “better” performance than the SES custom library but had to use NewLib and not NewLib-nano. This results in a larger binary but the performance is much better.   


wolf Test Time 

Segger Embedded Studio w/ custom std libs: 208 seconds

ARM GCC Embedded w/ Newlib-Nano:  608 seconds

ARM GCC Embedded w/ Newlib:  202 seconds

ARM GCC Embedded w/ Newlib &WOLFSSL_SP_ARM_CORTEX_M_ASM :  175 seconds


In addition to using Newlib, I found the macro WOLFSSL_SP_ARM_CORTEX_M_ASM helped quite a bit.  (Appears it has hand tuned ASM routines for SP math).

Apparently, newlib is built with speed optimizations and newlib-nano is built with size optimizations. I was surprised at the stark difference. I have other math heavy routines and the difference in execution speed is only 5% between -03 and -Os.  It seems that the ECC SP routines have some sensitivity to the C library.

Hope this is helpful to anyone building for a Cortex M MCU.” 


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Thank you for sharing these findings. We hope others on the Cortex M will see this. The SP WOLFSSL_SP_ARM_CORTEX_M_ASM option is quite impressive for RSA/DH/ECC math speedups because it uses hand written assembly. At wolfSSL, we love to hear your findings and projects, so please feel free to reach out and keep us posted! 


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