Using wolfSSL on the Atmel ATECC508A with TLS 1.3 (#TLS13)

As previously announced, the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library and wolfCrypt embedded crypto engine support the Atmel ATECC508A crypto element.  This allows wolfSSL to take advantage of the ECC hardware acceleration and protected private key storage on the ATECC508A.

Using wolfSSL, ATECC508A users can benefit from both increased ECC performance and secure key storage, thus hardening their TLS connections. Now that wolfSSL supports TLS 1.3, users also have the ability to use this new protocol version for even better performance for TLS connections!

The wolfCrypt ATECC508A port adds the following (and more!) when used with TLS 1.3:

+ wolfCrypt support for ECC hardware acceleration using the ATECC508A.  The defines for this port are WOLFSSL_ATMEL and WOLFSSL_ATECC508A
+ Public key callback for Pre Master Secret
+ Reduced quantity of round trips for performing a full handshake
+ A repurposed ticketing system allows for servers to be stateless

For more complete details please visit the wolfSSL Atmel webpage.  The code can be downloaded directly from wolfSSL’s “More Downloads” page, with the title “”.

For more complete details on TLS 1.3, please visit For more complete details for on how wolfSSL supports TLS 1.3, please visit

wolfSSL is dual licensed under both the GPLv2 as well as a standard commercial license.  For licensing information, please see the wolfSSL License Page, or contact us or call us at (425) 245-8247

TLS 1.3 is now available