Using wolfSSL with Cavium NITROX Security Processors

wolfSSL will soon be getting support for the Cavium NITROX processors, thus enabling wolfSSL users to take advantage of the incredible performance boosts provided by the NITROX family. Cavium’s NITROX processors combine cryptographic acceleration with the latest security algorithms providing an ideal platform for the next generation of security applications.

The NITROX PX family can deliver performance ranging from 500 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps for full IPsec or SSL protocol offload, and anywhere from 4K to 17K RSA operations per second using 1024bit exponent RSA. The NITROX III family can additionally boost IPsec or SSL offload performance to anywhere from 5 Gbps to 40 Gbps, and can provide 35K to 200K RSA operations per second using 1024bit exponent RSA.

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