Using wolfSSL with SmartOS

wolfSSL has been tested with and works on SmartOS! SmartOS is an operating system used specifically for databases and in conjuncture with cloud operations. It inherited features from the well known Solaris and has been extended by Joyent to make it great for cloud operators.

One of the big things added was disk I/O throttling – see the following YouTube link on why that is good to have. ( . The OS does provide some measure of security in their file operations but wolfSSL could be used alongside the operating system to allow more options for encrypting stagnant files that are being stored and passed between the OS and the cloud. Another feature that wolfSSL could provide for it, along with continuous updates that are focused on security, is that we would be able to provide support for upcoming suites such as recent ones using AEAD.

Contact us here at wolfSSL if this is something you would like to see happen with your cloud and database operations.