Versal Support

Did you know that wolfSSL has been ported to and tested on Xilinx Versal hardware? There is support also in wolfSSL to make use of the Xilinx hardened crypto, enhancing both security and performance. Xilinx hardened crypto has accelerated crypto operations (SHA3-384 / AES-GCM / RSA / ECDSA) available on Ultrascale+ devices and is available for use with the latest and greatest Versal boards. wolfSSL makes these calls using the API from Xilinx’s XilSecure library ( and with the addition of Versal there was minor changes to the existing calls to make use of the new features available (ECC / RNG / AES-GCM with AAD). When benchmarking we saw well over a Gigabyte per second with AES-GCM operations in our demo and improvements in performance of RSA, ECDSA, and SHA3-384 over software only implementations.

A previous white paper going into the setup and use of wolfSSL on older Ultrascale+ devices with Xilinx hardened crypto can be found here ( The support for Versal along with a README can be found in the wolfSSL bundle located in IDE/XilinxSDK/. 

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