What’s the difference between wolfSSL Embedded SSL and OpenSSL?

Hi!  If you came to our site because you are considering wolfSSL as an alternative to OpenSSL, this blog post is your cheat sheet that details the differences between the two products:
1. Size:  With a 30-40k build size, wolfSSL is 20 times smaller than OpenSSL.  wolfSSL is a better choice for resource constrained environments.
2. Standards Support:  wolfSSL is up to date with the most current standards of TLS 1.2 with DTLS, which OpenSSL has yet to address.
3. Support for streaming media:  wolfSSL is up to date with the best current ciphers and standards for streaming media support.
4. Embedded systems support:  wolfSSL is the leading  SSL library for real time, mobile and embedded systems, by virtue of its breadth of platform support and successful implementations on embedded environments.
5. Commercial licensing available from the source of the code:  wolfSSL is available under proper commercial licenses direct from Montana, or under the GPL, whereas OpenSSL is available only under their unique license from multiple sources.
If you have further questions on how we compare ourselves to OpenSSL, please contact us at info@yassl.com.