Who’s testing that cryptography on your platform? With your hardware encryption? With your secure element?

Three of our biggest engineering investments at wolfSSL are testing, testing, and testing. We invest heavily in testing, so that you don’t have to. We develop and test with 30+ operating systems, 10+ compilers, 50+ chipsets, 20+ hardware encryption IP schemes, and 15+ secure enclaves. We add more of the above to our Jenkins based CI/CD package every day. We do unit tests on everything, we run 5 static analyzers, and we run 7 internal fuzz testers. We employ sophisticated outside consultants to run additional fuzz testing.

Oh, yeah, we’ve had our code audited by every major vendor in computing, because they are all our customers, and need to review our code to ensure their own security and branding.

We’ve also been audited by over 20 security research teams in academia.

Finally, we’ve been through industry specific testing like DO-178 in aviation, MISRA and ASPICE in automotive, and FIPS 140 in government.

Contrast all of that with the testing and assurance you get from our competitors on your particular platform. It won’t compare.

Want to hear more about why we have the best tested cryptography and TLS 1.3? Email us at facts at wolfSSL dot com!