Why is wolfSSL the #1 Choice For Game Developers?

You may have not realized it, but wolfSSL is very popular for game development, and is in use in millions of games.  

Here`s why:  

1. Experienced:  The yaSSL team has been supplying game developers with an efficient, portable SSL Stack for years.

2. Small:  Our code size is small.  We won`t bog down your game.

3. Portable:  We run on all the major gaming consoles/platforms and some of the minor ones.

4. Scalable:  Building a MMPORG and require security?  We have experience helping with that too.  wolfSSL won`t consume all of your server`s memory.

5. Streaming media:  wolfSSL was built with securing streaming media in mind.

Let us know if you have questions.  If you are a game developer and would like to speak with our references in the gaming industry, just email us at info@yassl.com.