wolfBoot has RISC-V Support

We have added support for RISC-V hardware in our wolfBoot library. The reference example uses the SiFive HiFive1 FE310 board to demonstrate a secure bootloader and firmware upgrade.

The HiFive1 is a 32-bit E31 RISC-V core capable of running at 320MHz. It includes 4MB of external flash and 16KB of internal RAM.

The wolfBoot library provides:

  • Boot validation of the firmware image using hash and signature
  • Reliable firmware update (power fail safe).
  • Rollback support if application does not report “success”
  • Version checking to prevent downgrade attack
  • Support for external flash on updates

This adds support for:

  • RV32 Hardware Access Layer (HAL) support for:
    • PLL Clock configuration
    • Flash eSPI
    • UART
    • RTC
  • Firmware update example using the serial interface

Full setup and installation instructions can be found in “docs/Targets.md”.

These new features can be found on GitHub here:


For questions please email us at facts@wolfssl.com.