wolfBoot v1.2 Now Available!

The wolfSSL wolfBoot Secure Bootloader version 1.2 is now available! With this release comes various improvements and updates, including additional hardware support. Below lists the release notes associated with version 1.2:

  Added support for multiple architectures
  key generation and signing tools rewritten in python for portability
  Added compile-time option to move flash-writing functions to RAM
  Introduced the possibility for the bootloader to update itself
  Fixed compile issues on macOS and WSL
  Hardware support

  •      Added RV32 RISC-V architecture
  •      Added hardware-assisted dual-bank support on STM32F76x/77x
  •      new HAL: RV32 FE310 (SiFive HiFive-1)
  •      new HAL: STM32L0
  •      new HAL: STM32G0
  •      new HAL: STM32F7
  •      new HAL: STM32WB

The latest version of wolfBoot is available for download here: https://wolfssl.com/download/

More information about boot loaders can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Booting#BOOT-LOADER

For more information on wolfBoot Secure Bootloader, please contact facts@wolfssl.com.