wolfCLU 0.0.8 Release

wolfLCU 0.0.8 is available! wolfCLU is the wolfSSL (Command Line Utility) and is meant to be used for simple key generation, certificate operations, and more. It is being developed to also be an alternative for the commonly used OpenSSL command line utility. There were vast feature enhancements over the last release. Support for several new commands were added in.

  • rand
  • pkcs12
  • s_client
  • verify
  • rsa
  • crl
  • ca
  • dsaparam
  • sha256, sha384, sha512
  • dhparam

This release also included some fixes. A running list of changes can be found in the bundled ChangeLog.md. Visit our alternatives download page or https://github.com/wolfssl/wolfclu for downloading the bundle. Email us at facts@wolfssl.com with any questions.