wolfCLU supports FreeRTOS

wolfSSL has supported FreeRTOS for over a decade but you can now run wolfSSL’s command-line tool, wolfCLU, on FreeRTOS as well! The wolfSSL embedded TLS library is a lightweight, portable, C-based SSL/TLS library known for its low footprint, speed, and feature set and wolfCLU makes use of this portable library to offer a portable, low overhead cert/crypto command-line tool alternative.

As of right now, all wolfCLU commands that do not require a filesystem can be run on FreeRTOS including commands for generating certificates, certificate requests, DSA/DH/ECC parameters, and random data.

Are you interested to have more wolfCLU functionality supported on FreeRTOS?

Contact us at facts@wolfssl.com with any questions, comments, or suggestions.