wolfCrypt on CMVP Implementation Under Test List

wolfCrypt has been listed on the CMVP IUT List for FIPS 140-3! We are currently working with our testing lab to get validated as quickly as possible with the new FIPS standard from the NIST.

Among the changes for FIPS 140-3 are conditional algorithm self-tests, where the algorithm self-tests are only performed if used. The pre-operational self-test is now faster, as all the algorithms are not tested until needed. This helps with startup times as the public key self-testing can be time consuming. The self tests can be run at appropriate times for your application startup. Also, there is additional testing of the DRBG entropy sources.

wolfSSL is the first software library on the FIPS 140-3 IUT list for embedded development. We are leaving our competition in the dust.

For more information on licensing and pricing, please contact fips@wolfssl.com.