wolfCrypt FIPS on EFM32-GG

A quick followup to the post “wolfSSLs’ Proprietary ACVP client”.

wolfSSL Inc. is proud to announce a recent addition to the wolfCrypt FIPS cert 3389!

  • CMSIS-RTOS2 v2.1.3 running on a Silicon Labs EFM32G (Giant Gecko) chipset with wolfCrypt v4.6.1

Testing and standup for the EFM32 Giant Gecko was done collaboratively between wolfSSL Inc. and one of wolfSSLs’ customers. wolfCrypt had not previously been ported to or run on an EFM32 device so this was an exciting opportunity to both test on an EFM32 for the first time and to take wolfCrypt, running on the EFM32, through FIPS certification!
If you have any questions about getting wolfCrypt or wolfSSL up and running on your EFM32 target, not only is it possible, it is possible with FIPS 140-2 (and soon FIPS 140-3) certification as well!

Other OE’s added since the original ACVP client post are:

  • Linux 4.14 running on ARMv8 Cortex A53 with and without PAA (module version 4.5.4)
  • Windows CE 6.0 running on ARM Cortex-A8 (module version 4.6.2)
  • Linux 4.19 running on ARMv8 Cortex A53 with and without PAA (module version 4.5.4)

At the time of this posting wolfSSL has:

  • 10 OE additions (1SUB) in coordination phase with the CMVP to be added to cert 3389
  • 4 OE additions (1SUB) that have completed all testing and are ready to be submitted to the CMVP
  • 5 OE additions (1SUB) actively in the testing process
  • 1 OE addition (1SUB) in the queue to start

While the CMVP is no longer accepting 3SUB and 5SUB submissions for FIPS 140-2 (Cutoff date was 22 Sep 2021) wolfSSL Inc. continues to work on 1SUB OE additions. wolfSSL Inc. will continue to work on 1SUB OE additions to cert 3389 until 7 months before the expiration date of cert 3389.

wolfSSL Inc. was one of the first to submit for FIPS 140-3 and we expect to be one of the first to receive a 140-3 certificate. If you are looking for a commercial FIPS 140-3 solution, then look no further!

If you need FIPS 140-2 or 140-3 please don’t hesitate to reach out to fips@wolfssl.com anytime.