wolfCrypt JCE Provider Now Tested with Google Project Wycheproof

wolfCrypt JNI provides a Java, JNI-based wrapper to the native wolfCrypt API and implements wolfJCE as a JCE provider for Java’s built in security packages. wolfSSL is committed to providing the best tested cryptography available, and as such have expanded our automated testing of wolfCrypt JNI and JCE.  Both FIPS 140-2 and non-FIPS builds of wolfCrypt JNI and wolfJCE are tested nightly through our Jenkins CI, with JUnit and Project Wycheproof unit tests.

Project Wycheproof is a test suite developed and maintained by the Google Security Team. Their unit tests use Java security packages (java.security and javax.crypto) to allow for multiple JCA/JCE provider implementations to be tested, including wolfJCE. Over 80 of their unit tests attempt to detect unexpected behavior, vulnerabilities to attacks, and other known weaknesses.

wolfSSL has confidence in having high quality security software built on a foundation of continuously expanding unit tests.

Please send any feedback or questions to us at facts@wolfssl.com.

Download: https://wolfssl.com/download
GitHub: https://github.com/wolfSSL/wolfcrypt-jni
Manual: https://www.wolfssl.com/docs/wolfcrypt-jni-jce-manual

Project Wycheproof
GitHub: https://github.com/google/wycheproof

And a shout out to Project Wycheproof maintainers:

  • Daniel Bleichenbacher
  • Thai Duong
  • Emilia Kasper
  • Quan Nguyen